The Baden-Powell Challenge Award really is a challenge

You will need to complete ten clauses (tasks) that will get you to try new things and push your boundaries – it’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

It can take 12 to 18 months to complete the Baden-Powell Award, but your amazing, all-round efforts will be recognised. Plus you'll have lots of adventures on the way. You might:


  • organise an international evening
  • run a sports or cooking competition
  • go on a residential trip somewhere new - like a hostel or on a narrowboat
  • learn first aid
  • or do something to help the environment.


The more creative you get with your clauses, the more of an adventure it will be.

Most exciting of all, at the end you'll get to go on your Baden-Powell Adventure - a special residential event just for Guides who are about to complete the Award.


What you need to do

The Baden-Powell Challenge is divided into five zones, each containing lots of different clauses. You should do one clause from each zone, then five more from any of the zones - ten clauses in total. Up to two of them can relate to Country/Region or Girlguiding initiatives.

To finish the Award you need to take part in a Baden-Powell Adventure. These are usually residential events organised by your County or Country/Region for all Guides in the area who are doing the Baden-Powell Challenge.

Read the full syllabus and learn about the different clauses on the Guide's website.


Before you start

To start the Baden-Powell Challenge you need to have:


  • made your Promise
  • gained at least two Guide Challenge badges
  • gained at least two interest badges.