Brownies at a Fete

23rd Greenock Brownies at St Ninian’s Church Fete are shown helping to raise money for the Church fabric fund.

They sold seeded bird feeders and Hyacinth pots, crafts which they made during unit time and entertained the crowds singing traditional Brownie camp songs.   Thanks to all who came to the…

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Brownie Communicators

Greenock District Scouts Amateur Radio club visited 4th Gourock Brownies over the last 2 weeks with their mobile Amateur Radio station to help the Brownies with their communicator badge.

The girls had a great time learning all about Amateur Radio and sent a greetings message to another amateur operator, even…

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Greenock Division Guide Challenge

Some fifty Guides and Leaders met in St Johns Church Gourock last week to take part in the bi-annual Greenock Division Guide Challenge.

Teams from the 1st, 2nd and 4th Gourock Guides, 27th Greenock Guides and 2nd Port Glasgow Guides all took part in over two hours of competition. The Guides in teams of…

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Brownies Helping Hands

23rd Greenock Brownies were busy making bird feeders and decorating plant pots for their hyacinth bulbs.

These Crafts will be on sale from the Brownies Stall, St Ninian’s Church Fete, Norfolk Road, Saturday 7th October, 12-2pm.  All monies raised by the Brownies will go towards the Church Fabric Fund.  The Brownies would appreciate any support that can be given.…

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Girlguiding Traditions

Brownies from 23rd Greenock unit, based in St Ninian’s Church Larkfield, enjoyed a night of girl guiding traditions with their ultimate favourite making S’mores.

These traditional Camping treats are usually made after stories have been told and songs sung round the camp fire. Chocolate Digestives and melted Marshmallows taste so good you just have to make some more!…

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Rise To The Challenge

Four units from Greenock Division travelled north to Angus to attend a spectacular event in the beautiful grounds of Glamis Castle, childhood home of the Queen Mother.

2nd Larkfield Rainbows, 23rd Greenock Brownies, 3rd Greenock Brownies and 3rd Greenock Guides came together with other Girlguiding members from all over Scotland,…

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Gourock Guide Unit Catching Up!

2nd Gourock Guides played catch-up recently when they had a very enjoyable evening doing activities that had been planned for earlier in the year but surprise surprise the weather prevented them happening!

They started their evening by participating in a wide game which involved two teams trying to capture the…

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Gourock Guides at South Newton

2nd Gourock Guides rose to the challenge at their recent summer camp at South Newton when they completed a Scotland-wide challenge badge aptly named Rise to the Challenge.

Although carrying a rucksack was not part of the challenge badge, for Sophie, who had a rucksack almost as big as herself,…

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Tartan Gig

Ninety Guides from Greenock Division joined in the party at Girlguiding Scotland’s biggest ever POP concert on Saturday 17th June. 

The Guides - plus their leaders – headed to the SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow to enjoy a star studded line-up featuring Jess Glynne, Louisa Johnson, Pixie Lott, John…

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Battery Park Larkfield BBQ

Larkfield Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Leaders rounded off this Session with a District BBQ at Battery Park.

Although the weather could have been better, around 140 members had great fun participating in Activities like Parachute Games, Football and Splat!  Everyone then tucked into delicious Hotdogs, Juice and Crisps.  Many thanks…

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London Invasion

The 27th Greenock Guides had a fabulous five days in London during the Easter holidays.

The adventure began with flying to London with eight of the Guides never having been on a plane before.

 During the first day of the trip, the guides went to Madam Tussaud's waxworks and had…

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