Brownie Communicators

Greenock District Scouts Amateur Radio club visited 4th Gourock Brownies over the last 2 weeks with their mobile Amateur Radio station to help the Brownies with their communicator badge.


The girls had a great time learning all about Amateur Radio and sent a greetings message to another amateur operator, even one of the leaders (Lesley) was persuaded to talk on the radio.

The girls spoke very confidently on the radio & were all able to say their name using the phonetic alphabet. They were all complimented by the radio operator for their excellent audio when using the radio.


The girls loved learning to send and receive Morse code using the club’s homemade Morse keys and quickly learned how to decode the secret word they sent to each other. Other activities included using Walkie Talkies and finding out who uses them and why, but more importantly, they were excited to be able to actually use them on the night and came up with lots of games while learning to use them.

They also learned to sign simple words using alphabet for the deaf and showed how proficient they all were.  A new activity devised by the radio club was a quiz using QR codes and mobile phones to read them. This was very popular with everyone including the leaders. Girlguiding Scotland was very interested in all the Brownies activities and said ‘It was great to see the girls enjoying themselves’. The radio club sends a great big well done to all the brownies on all their hard work. Follow the club on Twitter @mm0tsg 4GBC34GBC44GBC54GBC6