South Newton 50th Anniversary

A Golden Anniversary...

South Newton County Camp and Training Centre opened on May 22nd 1971. It was bought by the county in 1969, with the first camp held in 1970 in the surrounding fields while the farmhouse was renovated.

Since then South Newton has hosted camps, overnight stays, trainings, and more. Children and adults alike hold fond memories of South Newton such as first camps, campfire songs, and camp permits. Most of all, South Newton is a place where many friendships were made that are cherished forever.

Two women stand by a microphone outside of a white farm house

Stories about South Newton

Black and white image of a farm house behind a small wall with a barn in the bakcground

The beginnings of South Newton

On this 50th Birthday of South Newton, we would like to tell you a little of the history of the South Newton and how it came to be in the possession of Girlguiding Renfrewshire.

South Newton 1971-2021 Challenge

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opening of South Newton a badge pack has been developed! The pack is for all ages and sections, and features challenges themed to each decade.

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