Gourock Guide Unit Catching Up!

2nd Gourock Guides played catch-up recently when they had a very enjoyable evening doing activities that had been planned for earlier in the year but surprise surprise the weather prevented them happening! 

They started their evening by participating in a wide game which involved two teams trying to capture the flag from the opposition! The evening started with teams tentatively meeting at their borders but soon developed into a “lively” exchange with girls capturing their opponent’s flag! 

The evening finished with the barbecue that had been originally planned for the last night of the last session, as darkness fell, the barbecues were carefully set alight and the chatter flowed as they patiently waited for that red glow from the charcoal that said it was time to cook. Eventually, the sausages were placed, with care, onto the hot grid and coaxed to turn a dark golden brown. Once placed in their long rolls, the final task was to lavish on the sauce and enjoy!