Gourock Guides at South Newton

2nd Gourock Guides rose to the challenge at their recent summer camp at South Newton when they completed a Scotland-wide challenge badge aptly named Rise to the Challenge. 

Although carrying a rucksack was not part of the challenge badge, for Sophie, who had a rucksack almost as big as herself, it certainly was quite an accomplishment!


The challenges continued with making and cooking pizzas in cardboard ovens which proved to be quite temperamental when it came to lighting them! However, patience paid off and the girls enjoyed scrumptious homemade pizzas which were eaten at great speed.


Eating continued as the girls baked chocolate cakes in hollow oranges, wrapped them in tin foil and placed them in a glowing campfire.


The girls also showed their creative side when they patiently designed and made beautiful miniature gardens that any fairy would be proud to live in!


There was time for fun and laughter playing in the zorbs and some of the girls showed their competitive streak as they crashed into each other in an attempt to knock down their opponents!


Thanks go to all the leaders who made the camp possible and to the girls who met all challenges with patience, teamwork and laughter.