Greenock Division Guide Challenge

Some fifty Guides and Leaders met in St Johns Church Gourock last week to take part in the bi-annual Greenock Division Guide Challenge.

Teams from the 1st, 2nd and 4th Gourock Guides, 27th Greenock Guides and 2nd Port Glasgow Guides all took part in over two hours of competition. The Guides in teams of 6 had to visit each of 10 bases where they were presented with varying challenges.  Kim’s Game, Marble run, Match the country to the Flag, Identify the Smell, Pair the Socks, Guiding World Centres as Jigsaws, Table Pong, Through the Post card, Orange Tower and Balance the dice. During the evening the Guides were surprised to find that there were, in fact, eleven bases but as the extra base was a “Tuck Shop” they were only too happy to have it included!

At the end of the evening, once the points had all been added up, it was declared that 2nd Gourock Guides had won the trophy which was presented by Division Commissioner Norma Ramsay.

Jen from 2nd Gourock guides said “We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves tonight, competing in different activities involving a variety of skills. Our team tonight usually aren’t close friends but we worked together communicating well (most of the time) to do our best.”

Thanks go to Judith Blair Gourock’s District Commissioner and her team for arranging this year’s challenge and to all the leaders that assisted on the night to make it the success it was.DIVC1