“…Have Fun and Take a Stance!”

Rangers are our section for those 14 to 18. Sophie, a Ranger within Renfrew Division tells us about her experience as a Ranger.

In Rangers, we complete badges and tackle challenges we are passionate about. Usually, we come together as a unit to address and tackle universal problems however if you are eager to venture out and complete badges that spark your interest, everyone is free and supported by our peers to do so! As Rangers fully support and encourage women empowerment, it is always important for us to spread positivity and promote confidence among our diverse group of girls. Therefore, taking action is a motto we as a group love to stand by. Recently, as a unit, we have tackled women’s period poverty and completed the bra challenge. This was a huge opportunity for us as young adults to experience and understand first-hand problems that women go through every day. We continue to give back to our community by placing free re-fillable sanitary boxes in our church hall toilets for women to take and use as they please. Furthermore, our unit also collected and donated used and unused bras to Morrison’s in the hopes that we can stand together and tackle women’s issues and always make a difference. Every young adult no matter who you are or where you come from are always welcome at Rangers and our group would love to see everyone come, have fun and take a stance!