“Lock Doon”

Lucy from the 23rd Greenock Brownies has been learning all about Roberts Burns whilst at school and wrote a piece about the hardship of lockdown in Scots to honour Robert Burns.

I wanted to write about how different things are with the lockdown. I usually have lots of activities going on, but it has been very different over the last year.

My mum helped me. We would come up with different bits when we were out walking, she would then put it in her phone, so we remembered.


All of the Brownies and Leaders are extremely proud of Lucy, and all loved her Scots poem which was even featured in the local newspaper. 

Text of Lucy's poem, surrounded by tartan

Lock Doon

I’m bored in the hoose, just want tae let loose.
Should tidy ma room but al make another excuse.

Want tae see ma pals but a just canny.
A will stay in the hoose tae help protect ma granny.

We will keep each other safe and thank the NHS.
If we aw stick taegether we can put an end tae this mess.

Never thought ad miss school sa much but am going crazy.
Dane homework in ma jammies, ave never been sa lazy.

“Let’s get oor step in grab yer trainers and yer socks”…
Aye awright maw but ad rather play Roblox.

We wlak fur miles hail, rain, or shine.
It kinda skunners me but it sure does pass the time.

Nae school, dancing or Brownies
It’s really naw sa great but we need to keep oor distance
or weel be forced tae isolate.

When aw this is over, and the world is oot this muddle
a canny wait tae gee ma granny a brae big squeezy cuddle.

It’ll be a celebration, we will aw be geein it laldy,
and the highlight of ma week wint be a trip tae Aldi.