Pandemic Positives with Bishopton Trefoil

Trefoil Guilds are continuing to meet via Zoom but are hopeful that soon small group outdoor meetings (weather permitting) will be possible.

Bishopton Trefoil, at their May meeting asked members to talk about their Pandemic Positives. I think that it was good for members to reflect on just what had been positive for them over the last year.

There was a fascinating range of comments ranging from those who had concentrated on their home -buying a super duper carpet shampooer and using it, painting her kitchen and buying new furniture for her dining room.

Other people had concentrated more on the arts – knitting jackets for “Lockdown babies”, making origami boxes and doing 30 day singing challenges on line.

One member had achieved something on her “bucket list”. She had been taken for a ride on a motor bike and they had gone VERY fast.

Everyone felt that they were fitter, as they had consciously got out and about locally to exercise.

One member produced a PowerPoint presentation of her positives. This summarised much of what most of the group had been saying:

  • We are just so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world where we can get out of our villages easily and really enjoy our surroundings.
  • We have become more appreciative of simple pleasures like having a picnic with a friend even if it meant sitting socially distanced with our own flask of coffee.
  • It has helped us to pick up the threads of things that were very much part of our lives in the past but because of other “ priorities” in our lives had got dropped.
  • We are not rushing around so much and are now appreciating more what we are doing.
  • We are now much more appreciative of the wonderful work that scientists are doing, particularly women in science. Thanks to them all for the development of the vaccines.

This was a very interesting and enjoyable session which provoked a lot of thought and discussion.